• Cosmetic Holidays in Western Australia

  • Cosmetic Holidays Western Australia

    Once you embark on your decision to undertake a cosmetic holiday departing Western Australia, Australian Medical Travel provide a commitment to you to ensure an unrivalled experience. An Australian owned and operated company, Australian Medical Travel are proud members of the Medical Tourism Association. Offering a complete complement of Cosmetic, Reconstructive and Dental treatments, the Australian Medical Travel team consists of access to experienced and highly skilled surgeons supported by a proficient nursing group and professional administrative staff. Your procedure will be conducted at one of the world’s highest quality medical facilities with up to the minute technology and you will recover in opulent surroundings within world class hotel suites amongst idyllic and relaxing settings in the location of your choice.

  • Globally Accredited

    Australian Medical Travel are extremely proud to assert that we are the only Australian company in this industry to have accreditation from the Medical Tourism Association. This globally recognised organisation partners with healthcare providers, particularly in the field of medical tourism, to ensure focus on the highest quality healthcare. This accreditation provides a valuable competitive edge of worldwide access to an ever increasing and expansive array of qualified doctors, nurses and facilities. Our aim at Australian Medical Travel is to exceed your expectations from your initial enquiry about your choice of medical procedure through to your return home. We provide our surety that our selection of Doctors, Nurses and Healthcare Professionals are elite in their field of expertise. The business group and support staff who arrange your medical bookings in combination with your travel and accommodation will do so meticulously. In addition, the medical facilities our team operate from are world reputed. 

  • Breast Implants and Dental Surgery, Thailand

    Life can pass us by and before we know it, we are at the pointy end reflecting on what we wish we had done. Is there a need to have some dental corrections attended to? Have you always longed for a larger cup size? Have you always wanted to take a trip to an exotic destination? You might be young and have the foresight to act on these improvements in your life early on. You may be mature and having spent copious amounts of time and money on the family, you have decided to treat yourself. What better treat than to combine your choice of treatment with a holiday of a lifetime as well. Let our team attend to your arrangements following a free consultation in your home, office, anywhere, at your convenience. We are able to discuss details personally relevant to your choice of procedure and put together a flight, accommodation and treatment package that is more cost effective than having the procedure done at home.

  • Highest Quality Medical Focus

    Australian Medical Travel offering cosmetic holidays from your home in Western Australian to one of our premium destinations will minister to all the details of your procedure with the utmost attention to detail as well as the faultless organisation of your flights, accommodation and post-surgery needs. The service we provide is our point of difference. We promise a service over and above any other medical tourism operator because of our high quality medical focus. Our comprehensive support will mean all you need to do is decide on how you are going to treat yourself, sit back and enjoy the pampering. Please do not put off any further the ideal in which you should be living your life now. Call Australian Medical Travel to begin organising your medical tourism needs today.