• Medical Tourism in Western Australia

  • Medical Tourism Western Australia

    Australian Medical Travel understand the delicacies and sensitivities involved in making the decision to undertake cosmetic or reconstructive surgery.  This is one of the prime reasons we implore you to speak to us first. Expert in coordinating medical travel from your base in Western Australia, for all your cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, as well as any dental treatments, we promise to arrange for you, the highest level of qualified Doctors and nursing staff in globally accredited hospitals as well as taking care of your flights, accommodation and travel needs. Whether your interest is medically based, cosmetic or simply a treat, we are the go to team of trusted professionals to make it happen.

  • Global Accreditation

    Australian Medical Travel are proud members of the Medical Tourism Association and through this organisation we are required to maintain annual accreditation in order to ensure to our clients that we have access to internationally regarded, elite physicians and practitioners as well as the choice to perform procedures at accredited hospitals and medical facilities around the world. Vesna Jovanovic is the Managing Director of Australian Medical Travel and a personally accredited member of the Medical Tourism Association. In the nursing profession herself for over 35 years, Vesna has an acute awareness of the standards of service and care around the world and is passionate about providing exceptionally high standards for clients of Australian Medical Travel. 

  • Dental Surgery Thailand

    Greeting people with a warm, engaging smile sets the tone for the balance of your interaction. Therefore, you want to have your best smile on hand to engage them with. Through our accreditation and experience, we have collated a select few of the best Thai dentists. These first class dentists are highly skilled in their chosen field and accomplished in all facets of minor and major dentistry. Some of the major dental work that we can organise includes veneers, bridges, crowns and implants in both porcelain and ceramic. Knowing your dental interests will be well attended leaves you to recuperate the rest of the time relaxing in your room or by the pool.

  • Thailand Cosmetic Surgery

    Cosmetic surgery arranged for you in exotic Thailand will rate as one of the best experiences of your life. For a fraction of the cost of your chosen procedure back home, you can attend to your surgery with a minimum of fuss and at the same time experience the holiday of a lifetime in a dreamy destination. Having all your arrangements attended to through Australian Medical Travel removes the risk of appointment delays or cancellations, language barriers, using ill-reputed doctors and unsafe medical practices. Following our complimentary consultation, we coordinate everything for you, arranging to pick you up from your home in Western Australia and deliver you back complete with your improved nose, liposuctioned silhouette or enlarged bust line. We organise the highest quality doctors, nurses, hospitals, accommodations, recovery staff and after care support. We intend for you to sit back and enjoy the experience with your new, enhanced self and be astounded by our service. Please call Australian Medical Travel to set up your no obligation, free appointment to discuss your wishes today.