• Medical Travel in Western Australia

  • Medical Travel Western Australia

    Australian Medical Travel consider your decision to engage in cosmetic, reconstructive or dental treatments as significant and we will endeavor to make the process as hassle free and literally, pain free, for you, as possible. This is our area of expertise and we are well positioned and highly regarded as frontrunners in the medical travel industry. We have personally inspected the hospitals and medical facilities and spoken with the medical practitioners. We are proud to have membership accreditation with the Medical Tourism Association. We invite you in Western Australia to make an appointment for a complimentary consultation where we will seek to learn about your desired procedures and can provide comprehensive information about our services so that you are able to arrive at an informed decision and let us take care of all your travel and procedural needs from there.

  • Global Accreditation

    The only Australian company in the industry to be accredited and to proudly hold membership with the Medical Tourism Association. This accreditation enables us to ensure we are able to access accredited hospitals and medical facilities as well as utilising globally accredited physicians. Our Managing Director, Vesna Jovanovic, is an accredited medical tourism professional and has personally visited our partner hospitals and spoken with Doctors and practitioners. Vesna has a long history of nursing in hospitals in Australia and overseas and therefore, has a first-hand understanding of the world class standards that are essential to maintain the highest quality of service, equipment, materials and post-operative care. 

  • First Class Care

    Often our first point of contact with our valuable clientele is through our administration staff and from that point forward, you will be dealt with professionally, honestly and ethically. It is our wish that you are as well informed as possible about your procedure and about our process of delivering you that procedure. We encourage you to investigate our services and delivery so you can best understand your options and it can be your decision to access our low cost alternatives for undertaking your procedure using safe health care services across the globe. Our commitment to you is 100% satisfaction and we want you to understand there is no obligation to proceed at any point and there will be no financial penalty arising from the hospital or the surgeon.

  • Cosmetic Surgery and Dental Holidays

    Combining cosmetic surgery and dental treatments into a holiday provides many advantages. The costs are kept low through the connections we have established and this equates to very cost efficient, even complimentary fights and accommodations. Being away from your home in Western Australia may seem daunting, however we would like you to know a holiday environment can assist in feeling relaxed heading in to any procedures and feeling relaxed can also hasten recovery. The opportunities we provide to utilise world renowned Doctors and nurses as well as our access to treatments at internationally accredited hospitals and medical facilities are without equal. We encourage you to call Australian Medical Travel today to secure your medical travel advantages.